Saturday, May 30, 2009

Coronet covers

A couple of kind Stewart fans have sent us a few more covers that we'd never seen before, including these two Coronet paperback covers. I've seen other Stewarts in this style and have loved them. They're obviously done by the same illustrator, and I think they really capture the feeling of Stewart's books, with a certain 1970s flair.

Look how glamorous Gianetta looks!

I have to say this one is less attractive than the others. I suppose that man must be Con? He looks so angry and mean he just couldn't possibly be Adam! And in Kelly's words, Annabel looks vapid.

Here are some more that we already had in our collection. This Madam, Will You Talk is my absolute favorite! We loved it so much that we used the illustration on the header of the website. Richard is looking very James Bond with his pistol.

I love that you can see the dead body washed ashore in the background. And Lucy looks so unconcerned.

Beautiful! But why is Jennifer wearing a Grecian outfit? And what is to the left of her? Is that a boat? There are no boats in Thunder, are there?


Agatha said...

I think that the "boat" on the Thunder cover is actually the overturned car...;)
It is great to see all the glam covers, I wonder what the author has thought of some of them, where even the colour of the heroine's hair is wrong!

Jennie said...

Yes, you're right, Agatha! That is a car. I have to admit I don't remember what scene that is (Thunder is probably my least favorite MS novel) but it makes much more sense than a boat. :)

It would be so interesting to hear what Stewart has thought of the various covers over the years. Some probably made her cringe!

Anonymous said...

Thunder on the Right has no car scene or boat. Trees and a convent would have been much better. I don't like the drawings as covers. The older ones are better by far. Linda

Agatha said...

Linda - there is a car crash in Thunder; perhaps you don't remember because it happens off-camera, as it were, but it is pivotal to the plot.

I hope anyone reading this has read the book, if not please stop reading now!.........

Jennifer's cousin Gillian loses her memory and Lally Dupre (?) dies at the convent because of the car crash that they were in, allowing Pierre Bussac to mistake Gillian for the crim-on-the-run he is supposed to help escape to Spain
and also enabling him to convince Gillian that she is his wife, 'Marie'... hope I have got the details right, and that this has refreshed your memory:)

ferrymansdaughter said...

These are the novels I have - and yes bought in the 1970s!

poisongrl said...

im looking for this particular version of Madam Will You Talk. Can anyone tell me the exact publishing date?

Jennie said...

poisongrl -- I have a copy of that Coronet Madam. The copyright page says it was printed in 1958.