Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hi Meg Cabot fans!

So I was looking at the blog's stats today and realized that Meg Cabot linked to us from her blog! YAY! I love Meg Cabot, and I'm very very honored that she likes our blog. And she has about a bazillion million fans -- especially younger readers, which is awesome because she is getting the word out to younger readers about Mary Stewart.

So, Meg Cabot fans, welcome! Here are a couple links for you:

A complete listing of Mary Stewart's books
A blog post with suggestions for which Mary Stewart book you might want to read first.

Anyone have a favorite Meg Cabot book? I really loved the Princess Diaries books (come on, who doesn't?), but I also really liked her Mediator series. They're about a girl who sees ghosts, but not in a scary way like the movie. She sees the ghosts when they need her help resolving some unfinished business here on earth. They're really funny.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mary Stewart's signature?

Hi Mary Stewart fans! I am hoping someone can help me out here -- does anyone have a copy of Mary Stewart's signature?

[Sidenote: I've always meant to write her a letter, but honestly it's a little intimidating. I mean, what do you write to your favorite author of all time? Hi. I really really like your books. I don't want to be lame! It's MARY STEWART!]

The reason I'd like to have her signature is because I am getting married in April, and instead of plain old table numbers for the reception, I'm going to name each table after one of my favorite authors. (Plus a couple of my fiance's favorites.) I'd like to incorporate images of their signatures somehow (either on the table number signs or the escort cards).

Here are the other signatures I've found so far:

Can you read that last one? I'm struggling with David McCullough too -- he's my fiance's favorite, but his signature is totally illegible!

So, if you've ever gotten a letter from Mary Stewart or have a book autographed by her, would you consider scanning it and sending it to me ( I'd really appreciate it!

If I get anything, I'll share it with everyone. :)