Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mary Stewart ebooks

I've recently fallen in love with my Kindle. I never thought I'd jump on the ebook bandwagon, but in the last year or so it has seemed more and more inevitable. And I'm astonished by how pleasant the reading experience is on my Kindle. I still miss the idea of having all my physical books around me -- though even this seems less important now that I am approaching yet another move to a new city.

Every so often I cruise Amazon's Kindle Store to see if they've released Mary Stewart's books in ebook format. There's still nothing in the U.S. store, but the U.K. seems to have the full line of her romantic suspense books! Hopefully this means that the U.S. editions are on their way.

I couldn't find any of the Arthurian series on the U.K. Amazon. Surely they are working on those?

Anyone have any info about Mary Stewart ebooks in other formats besides Kindle?