Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Favorites Poll

We've had a poll running over on the sidebar since we put the blog up -- asking what people's favorite Mary Stewart book is. I've just posted a new one, since someone noticed that not all of Stewart's books were listed as options. Sorry! I think I'd only put my favorites on there, which was very egocentric of me. :)

So go vote! (Again, or for the first time.)

Here are the top results of the previous poll. 107 people voted.

Nine Coaches Waiting -- 19%
This Rough Magic -- 14%
Madam, Will You Talk -- 13%
The Crystal Cave -- 9%
Airs Above the Ground -- 9%
My Brother Michael -- 9%


Elaine said...

That's sort of like picking your favorite child!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to post that I have just re-read the "Crystal Cave" series and have enjoyed it as I did as a youth. History come alive, thanks Jessa