Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Off the Page -- Video interview with Mary Stewart

Myrna-nora left a comment on the blog ages ago directing us to a YouTube video of Mary Stewart! It's a great interview from a TV program called Off the Page, which apparently featured a different Scottish writer every week. It's about a half hour long and so lovely! It was filmed in 1992, just after the release of The Stormy Petrel.

One tidbit that I thought was interesting -- Mary Stewart says that when she was writing the scene in The Moon-Spinners where Nicola swims in the Bay of Dolphins, she decided that her next book would feature a dolphin as a sort of hero. Of course, This Rough Magic was next (and is my absolute favorite Mary Stewart book).

I really hope that the interview was set at Mary Stewart's house in Scotland. Because I like to think of her enjoying her retirement in such a beautiful place!