Friday, March 27, 2009

The mighty Google recognizes us.

Again, we have to apologize for the long, long wait between blog posts. Infrequent updating is a cardinal sin in the world of blogging, but time has gotten away from us. We've got lots of good stuff to post, so hopefully we'll get some interesting things up in the next couple weeks. We've also received lots of emails lately, which we have not answered, but hope to get to very soon. Several people have sent some great old covers -- we'll post them soon.

Today's good news is that I've realized that Mary Stewart Novels now comes up as the third hit on Google when you search for Mary Stewart. Woo hoo! We used to be down on the third page somewhere. Thanks to everyone who has linked to us and let the Googlebot know we're here! And welcome to everyone who has found us recently.

Also of note today -- the blog Romance Vagabonds did a post called "Celebrating Women in Romance" this week, which lists Mary Stewart along with Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Georgette Heyer, and others. Very nice company for the "mother of the modern romantic suspense novel."


Anonymous said...


Just to say that you don't seem to have The Ivy Tree on your poll of favourite books - please can you add it? Thanks. AS

Jennie said...

Hi there,

I tried to add The Ivy Tree but Blogger wouldn't let me since people have already voted. Sorry! I'll put up a new one soon that includes all of her books. :)