Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Susan Wiggs likes Mary Stewart too

Bestselling author Susan Wiggs has posted a list of her five favorite authors. Mary Stewart didn't quite make her top five. But she had such trouble narrowing her list down, she added a few more, one of which was Mary Stewart.

Nice list, Ms. Wiggs!


bookishPDX said...

So happy to find your site. Hoping you or a reader can help me. I gave my sister The Ivy Tree and she swears that she's "seen the movie" but can't remember anything about it but the plot. They must have changed the title, but she said character Connor had the same name. I would so love to see it (hope they took fewer liberties than Disney did with Moonspinners). Does anyone know anything?

Jennie said...

Hi bookishPDX! I haven't ever heard of a movie version of The Ivy Tree. I did some searching on imdb, but didn't come up with anything. They have a page for Mary Stewart (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0829650/) but it only lists the Crystal Cave movie and The Moon-Spinners.

Sorry, I can't help more! Anyone else familiar with an Ivy Tree movie?