Friday, September 26, 2008

Merlin of the Crystal Cave

Sorry for the long lag between posts! I've been busy starting graduate school. But I'm determined to keep the Mary Stewart blog alive. Updating will probably have to wait until winter break!

LadyTink has brought this movie to my attention. I thought that The Moon-Spinners was the only Mary Stewart book that had been made into a movie. I was oh-so-wrong. The Crystal Cave was apparently adapted into Merlin of the Crystal Cave in 1991. Here's the imdb page.

I've looked around at all my local libraries and no one seems to have a copy (not too surprising, I guess). Has anyone seen it? There appears to be a used copy on Amazon for $3. Is it worth it?


Kerry said...

No, it's probably not really worth it, especially if you have to go to a lot of effort or pay a lot of money.

I had it on video tape (it may still be languishing in a box down uner the house somewhere) and I can't remember actually finishing wathcing it, which isn't exactly a ringing endorsement.

Ladytink_534 said...

Oh wow thanks! Yeah my library has the movie but it's out right this second. I'd like to read the books before I watch the movie though.

Kerry said...

LadyTink: Definitely read the books first. They are much better.

Just Kreeping Up said...

I just discovered your blog and website, and I am thrilled! I read my first, Airs Above the Ground, as a young teen. My aunt lent it to me, as she knew that I liked reading about horses. It is still my favourite, many years later. I have hard copies of several of her novels, and paper backs of the Merlin series. I also had Nine Coaches Waiting in paperback, second hand, but it eventually fell apart. So sad, I have all my other favourites handy to re-read, but not that one!

Caleigh said...

My dad was the one who handed me The Hollow Hills one day when i was home sick, and since then the whole series became my top favorite. We actually lucked out and found the movie on a free pay-per-view tv menu and watched it all. It was made by the BBC and was a made-for-tv movie. So predictably, the acting is bad, the special effects are worse, and much of the plot is missing. But i give them credit for really trying to stick to the book, and tell Stewart's story. Parts of it are laughable (the vision of the bull in the circle of stones comes to mind) but if you really love the book, then you wont notice. I would try and rent it or find it on the internet, rather then buy it, but i say go for it. If anything it made me remember why the books were so good, and i read them again after the movie. So definetly read the books first before seeing the movie.

Ferrymansdaughter said...

I remember this being on tv and getting all excited because I loved the books so much. I can't remember much else (well it is a long time ago), except I watched a couple of episodes and gave up because it was so awful.

Don't bother, just re-read the books instead (which is what I am currently doing for the Nth time)