Sunday, September 20, 2009

The winner is....

Rylie! I'll be emailing you shortly to get your mailing address.

Thanks to all who entered! I wish I could send out copies to you all. For those of you who haven't read Mary Stewart, get to your local public library! Most libraries of decent size should have some Stewarts.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Rylie!!

bssclub said...

Dear Jennie,
my name is Lena, I'm Russian from Moscow and at the moment I am translating into English a non-fiction book on history. There is a song in it, obviously from 'The Hollow Hills', beatifully translared into Russian, about Arthurs suffering over his wife's infidelity. However, the English version of this very book is unavaliable in Moscow on or off line.
Could you please help me out on that, so I could make sure this song really is in the book.
You are probably me last hope.
Best regards,

Dee Davis said...

How fun to have found this site. I am a die hard Mary Stewart fan. Have read all of her romantic suspense novels over and over. My favorites are My Brother Michael and the Moon-Spinners. I very much owe my career as a romantic suspense novelist to my love of her books. When I sold my first book, I gave myself the "gift" of buying all of her books in hardback. And in each of my first fifteen novels there is a reference to Ms. Stewart's books. Sometimes obvious. Sometimes not. My simple tribute to an amazing author!

Anonymous said...

Are you the Dee Davis of "After Twilight"? I read the description of AT and it sounded so "Stewart-ish" that I added it to my TBR pile months ago.

I'm glad to know you're a fan of Stewart, and now I really look forward to reading AT!

Dee Davis said...

That is me! After Twilight was my first romantic suspense novel! Hope you enjoy it. Look for a mention of the Moon-Spinners.

motleysdad said...

I have loved Mary Stewarts work for over 35 years..Matthew Slauter

Anonymous said...

Mary Stewart has been my favorite writer for decades. Her style and magic live on in our hearts. Here is a poem that i wrote last night when i found out she has just turned 93 and is still with us..If you enjoy this poem..your welcome to share it with others..bye Matthew Slauter

The Dame Storyteller

The spell was first woven when I was a child
Her books I gathered like berries so wild
A dear English author an author revered
The statuesque lady whose words are held dear
Thrown back to old England at least in my mind
Trumpets and soldiers along the royal train line
Spinning yarns of great kings and treachery born of sin
Of a rightful birth and kingdoms to the wind
Companions and trusted stallions with knights so true
Deep the forest song she spins out a view
Miss Stewart dear Mary
Wet moonlit rides while staying off the king's road
The apple above a wall as a child but you know
A labyrinth under the house when he was very small
The bridge over the river towards an old wizards stall
With a path that led to a hidden cave in the hills
Where crystals shone a future and hearts were so thrilled
To share your vision and watch while amazed
The ritual lessons and virtue in phase
A witness to his magic through your words and lavish stories
The utter endowment and fortune as we journeyed and shared his glory
A glimpse of young Arthur as a bright and shining star
The cottage forest temple where Merlin kept watch from a afar
Hold true dear Mary that your stories will fly
Down through the ages as also Merlin will survive
The magic cast is not from Emerys sheer will
It's the feelings we all get from the words you instill
The hope and the plesures of your destiny gift
With mere words on white paper as your wizard does live
Laying fast in the hillside with a sad willow that weeps
The magic that survives while Ambrosius's son does sleep.

Jan McMillan said...

Dear Jennie,
My name is Jan and I live in Texas. I have been a fan of Mary Stewart since the early 1970's.I have ALL her books except 2 of the young adult books (The Little Broomstick and Walk in Wolf Wood). It is So nice to read about her on your site. Keep up the good work!


Jan McMillan

ferrymansdaughter said...

I have been a huge fan of Mary Stewart since I read The Crystal Cave when I was 16. I loved her Merlin saga and have reread all four of the books many times over. It was only when I went away to college that I discovered her other, older, novels. My Brother Michael is probably my favourite of those, but most of the others are brilliant in their own way. I can't believe she is nearly 94. I understand why she doesn't write any more, but I'm very sad that there won't be any further books by her.

charlotte said...

I,ve been a Mary Stewart fan since i was a teenager! They had them in the school library at least 30 years ago - in Swedish! Now I have all books both in English and Swedish . Reading a Mary Stewart (or a Nevil Shute!) is pretty much the best thing you can do! The Ivy tree and My brother Michael are my favorites but the all are great!
/ Charlotte