Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hi Meg Cabot fans!

So I was looking at the blog's stats today and realized that Meg Cabot linked to us from her blog! YAY! I love Meg Cabot, and I'm very very honored that she likes our blog. And she has about a bazillion million fans -- especially younger readers, which is awesome because she is getting the word out to younger readers about Mary Stewart.

So, Meg Cabot fans, welcome! Here are a couple links for you:

A complete listing of Mary Stewart's books
A blog post with suggestions for which Mary Stewart book you might want to read first.

Anyone have a favorite Meg Cabot book? I really loved the Princess Diaries books (come on, who doesn't?), but I also really liked her Mediator series. They're about a girl who sees ghosts, but not in a scary way like the movie. She sees the ghosts when they need her help resolving some unfinished business here on earth. They're really funny.


poisongrl said...

I actually just started reading Nine Coaches Waiting due to her blog post. I'm about halfway through and loving it. My fave of her YA is Darkest Hour and I can see some Stewart influence definitely.

Anna said...

I found your site from her blog too. And the mediator series is also my fave! Stewart's new UK covers make the books look irresistible, I will definitely be checking them out.

Felicia said...

Thank you so much for this website and blog! I bought my first Mary Stewart in a used book store in 1971. Treasuring my battered, broken-backed copies of everything she has ever written has been my guilty little secret for many years - delighted to learn that I am not the only one who loves to read these over and over. I even went all the way to Corfu because of Mary Stewart in 1979, seeing all the This Rough Magic locations from the back of a Vespa.

Thanks and look forward to more!

Martin said...

I was on an author's panel at Bedford Readers Day at the weekend and in answer to the question "What are you currently reading?" mentioned that I was re-reading The Crystal Cave. Mary Stewart's name provoked widespread nodding of heads across the audience (nodding with approval, obviously!).I felt myself among friends.

I've taken the liberty of giving The Crystal Cave a plug on my website: