Thursday, December 10, 2009

This Rough Magic in the Chicago Tribune, 1964

I just came across a condensation of This Rough Magic that appeared in the Chicago Tribune! They published the story in 18 installments running from Nov. 8 - Nov. 24, 1964, which must have been just as the book was released in the U.S. The illustrations are very 1960-ish.

The quality of the images isn't that great, seeing as they're from a newspaper, but it's still fun. I especially love the taglines that they put at the top of each installment: "Bullets Shatter a Peaceful Vacation," "Spiro Tells of His Brush with Death," "Keeping a Killer off his Victim's Trail." And the best of all: "Suspense Winds an Ever Tighter Coil as Lucy Waring Creeps up like a Ghost from the Sea on the Spy who Tried to Kill Her".

I'm posting the first two pages, as I think that's all I'm allowed due to copyright. I located these images using the ProQuest Historical Newspaper database.

Click on the images to view them larger.


Anonymous said...

You always find the coolest MS things! I love this - I was almost 1 year old when it came out (that dates me - lol!)

Thanks for putting this up.

Anonymous said...

This is so great. Sharks! bullets! communists! all in one page. And oh, those scary illustrations--Lucy and Phyllida look more like Bellatrix and Narcissa to me.

Thanks for this one!

Some Birds said...

Thank you! This Rough Magic is one of my favorites...and those taglines are rather excellent.

Anonymous said...

I just started reading Mary Stewart this year. Of the three novels I have read (so far), my favorite is This Rough Magic.
That is a neat find, but I don't like the illustrations very much.
Thanks for maintaining such an awesome website and blog!

Patti Sexton said...

Hi Jennie,
I just found your blog tonight. I have been a Mary Stewart fan since high school in the 80's. I found her books while working in the library. Your blog is fun and I'm pleased to see other Mary Stewart fans. Currently I'm re-reading (for the thousandth time?) Wildfire at Midnight. My copy is a well used 1965 paperback that will very soon have to be retired. Thanks for a fun site.

Maurissa Guibord said...

Mary Stewart is one of my favorite authors- I would have to say This Rough Magic being my all time favorite story. Thanks for the site and blog.
BTW Is there any contact info for Mary Stewart herself? I understand that she is still alive and I would love to write to her.

Maurissa said...

Whoops- just saw your posting below about contacting Mary Stewart- will try sending a letter through Harper Collins.
Maurissa Guibord

Jan said...

Can't beat Mary Stewart for cozy read anytime!
JD Holiday

Renee said...

I'm sad that the most recent post on this blog is almost a year old because I just found this website, and I love it! I adore Mary Stewart and her books!

Thyme2Be said...

I just discovered your web site and this related blog - lovely! I look forward to perusing your content, and hope to see new entries and conversations in the future.

Anonymous said...

I am in my 60s and just discovering the books of Mary Stewart. My brother suggested this author to me several years ago. He had read the Merlin Trilogy in high school and became a fan in his teens.
We are both avid readers. I simply cannot understand how I missed knowing of such a wonderful writer/story teller. She's fantastic and I'm loving retirement and long hours of reading her novels.
Thank you for the information I found on your site. I rate you an A-Plus for the great job you did providing so much background.
I feel knowing the author is as important as reading their books.

Thank you, thank you THANK YOU.

Sincerely, CHHM

P.S. I tried sending this via an e-mail but my server said the address was incomplete.....
I've read two novels and now I'm starting the Merlin Chronicles. Reading is like eating dessert!!!