Monday, August 3, 2009

Better scans from LHJ!

A few weeks ago, I posted about the Nine Coaches Waiting condensation that was published in Ladies Home Journal in 1958. I'd scanned some images from a microfilm copy, and the quality was really sad. I have a wonderful mother who loves to shop online (she can find anything!) and who also loves Mary Stewart. So I was surprised by a package on my stoop -- a print copy of the September 1958 Ladies Home Journal. Yay! Here are much improved scans (in color!). They're so pretty.

The table of contents page has a little biography of Mary Stewart. It says that in her spare time she "directs college plays and exercises race horses." I knew about her passion for drama, but exercising race horses? So glamorous! I guess that's why The Ivy Tree's horse-whisperer heroine seems so authentic.

Thanks, Mama!!


Misfit said...

Thanks for running this blog and sharing your love of Mary Stewart. I've been working my way through her back-list over the last few weeks and very much enjoying it.

Angiegirl said...

Wow, I love that illustration from the ball. SUCH a good scene.

Christina said...

I just discovered Mary Stewart and ordered about eight of her books. I cannot wait to begin reading them. I'm just not sure which novel to pick to read first.
Thanks for such a great blog-it really makes me want to read her books even more!

Julia Buckley said...

I love this! And I like that picture of Stewart after the article. That's one I've never seen before.

I love this blog and I just posted about you on mine. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh that's a lovely illustration! Please could you scan the other illustrations too?