Friday, April 18, 2008

More fab old covers

Fellow Mary Stewart fan Kerry sent me a whole slew of great old covers that I'd never seen before. I've added them to the cover gallery. A couple of my favorites:

A Coronet mass market edition of This Rough Magic from the early '60s. I love this style of cover--though that girl looks a bit too passive to be Lucy. And that's a dead body washed ashore right behind her. Shouldn't she be doing something about that? And she looks like she's wearing a toga. Maybe it's supposed to be the outfit she borrows from the Corfuote (?) lady who takes care of her after she washes ashore?

And look at this copy of The Ivy Tree! I'm not sure of the date on this one, but look at Mary/Annabel's hair. It's like a helmet. Maybe early 70s?

Many thanks to Kerry for scanning these for us!

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