Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Meg Cabot's foreword to Thornyhold

Meg Cabot posted on her web diary that she's just finished writing a foreword to Chicago Review Press's upcoming trade paperback edition of Thornyhold.

She says:
I’ve spent this past week writing about one of MY favorite heroines (by someone else)–Gilly Ramsey, the heroine of Thornyhold, by the author Mary Stewart.

In case you don’t know, Mary Stewart is one of my favorite romantic suspense writers. Actually one of my favorite writers, period. Her books are so compulsively readable!

Meg Cabot is a really popular author, among tweens, teens, and grown women, so this should be great way to bring attention to Thornyhold. Cabot is best known for her Princess Diaries series -- I read the first few of them and would say that they are compulsively readable too.

The new edition of Thornyhold doesn't appear on Amazon yet. But the same publisher has recently put out Nine Coaches Waiting and The Ivy Tree. Very gothic covers.

Thanks to Vickie for the tip!

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Krawuggl said...

By googling for Mary Stewart I just found your site and I am completely overwhelmed with joy that there are some other fans of her books on the web. Mary Stewart is not very well known here in Germany and her books are not reprinted. But I own some of them since many many years and am always most happy when I find another one at a fleamarket. (As yesterday "The Gabriel Hounds", which I am so much looking forward to start reading tonight). My all time favorit is Thornyhold, can´t count how often I already have read it. Every autumn it´s a must, sitting with a cup of tea and a toast topped with bramble jelly while reading is my biggest joy of this season.
Thank you so much for this wonderful site and blog,
with my very best wishes,