Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Article in Mystery Scene Magazine

I just came across a nice article that appeared in Mystery Scene Magazine last summer. Not too much new information, except that it shares a little about Mary Stewart's reaction to getting an honorary degree from her alma mater, Durham University:
In a letter to me that same year, Lady Mary Stewart said of the experience, “It was indeed wonderful to be remembered—and in such a way—by my old University.”
And apparently the author of the article asked her if she would write another book:
“No new book! I know better than to try at (nearly) 93!” she wrote me in 2009. 


Thyme2Be said...

Thank you for finding this article and sharing. I love this quote "The place for truth is not in the facts of a novel; it is in the feelings," which I think applies to many aspects of life.

Chachic said...

Thank you for sharing the article! I look forward to reading more of Mary Stewart's romantic suspense novels. I love they are all set in different but equally charming locations, like the article mentioned:

Each locale—Provence, Corfu, the Middle East, Crete, Vienna, the Pyrenees, Austria, England, and others—is integral to the story and described in enough detail to immerse readers without overwhelming the action—a pitfall for many writers.

Mistress of Emphemera said...

I have always adored this author and cherish my high school years when I discovered the work of Mary Stewart.

tellen said...

Just found this blog after my umpteenth retread of the Gabriel Hounds. Each retread is like the first time. Great fun perusing the blog. Love Mary Stewart. Just wish there were more books!

AllisMcD said...

Thanks for sharing this article!

Hope this won't sound too nit-picking on a minor point, but in this article, as in your biography of Mary Stewart, Mary is described as the oldest child. Not so - she was born 1916, her brother Gerald was 1915 and her sister Fredith 1922. Don't even remember how I first knew this, but you can check on a site like freeBMD.

Anyway, thank you again for such a fantastic site.

Elence said...

I am very happy to find that I am not the only person whose favorite author is Mary Stewart. I, too, was given copies of her books to read when I was a young teen, and all other authors since then have been measured (in my mind) against her. My favorite is Touch Not the Cat, but I love all except the Merlin books. I have her first book and her last, and I'm working on collecting the others.

TxToni said...

I, too, adore Mary Stewart's books! I've read and re-read them so many times, but they're always marvelous no matter how many times I've read them.

I agree with Chachic's comment about the locales for each of the novels! I've never been to any of the places but felt like I was there through the descriptions Mary included in her stories.

I'm delighted to have found this website!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Mary Stewart, I have visited many places in Europe that I would otherwise never know. She has widened my world, and you, dear web masters, have given us this very beautifully done website. Thank you!

Caroline said...

Mary Stewart is a great author and inspiration. I am thankful my mother enjoyed her books and introduced me to Mary Stewart's books. I wish my mother was still here so I could talk to her about Mary Stewart now. I now want to read the rest of them as I reread a few along the way.

Debby said...

I've been under a great deal of pressure to prepare for a state exam. I've been studying and studying. At a break from work, one day, I took a walk to a second hand store, and saw a big Mary Stewart book containing three novels. I remembered devouring her books back in highschool in the 70s, and on a whim, I bought that book for myself, my promise to myself that this too would pass, and that once again, I'd find myself reading for pleasure. The test was yesterday, and today, I took a day to myself. I read the Ivy Tree...and I remembered it from the first time that I read it nearly 40 years back. It's been a wonderfully nostalgic day, and I just want to say thank you to Mary Stewart. It was like meeting up with an old friend.

Prunella L.M. Matthews said...

Read some of Mary's books in the 1960's. She is my cousin, kind of. That is, my grandfather was her New Zealand mother's older brother, Joseph Matthews. I am "The ANZUS Treaty 1951". Twice, I was asked to run for the US Presidency (in 2000 as a Democrat; in 2009 as a Republican). This is possible, legally, as a Treaty (such as the Jay Treaty with Britain in the time of George Washington), supersedes the US Constitution. When young, I wanted only to be a story teller and die "tragically young". (Neither happened!) Amazed that Mary is still alive, and very sorry that we never met. I now live in Maryland, USA. Has she given up driving the gold Rollo yet? Oh! Around 1993 I wanted to write a female story called "Miriam and Mary". Kind of old Testament/New Testament versions of famous women. The "Miriam" was to have been based on our New Zealand cousin Dame Miriam Dell, also quite famous as a feminist.
Mary Stewart's title comes from being married to Fred. Miriam's title and Honours are her own. These are both great ladies (first cousins, who met) and if they are disappointed in me for not accepting the US Presidency - over my younger son's dead body - well, someone will surely write the story one day.

Bethany said...

Thank you for the work you put into this site. I have never read any of her books but was led to this site by way of looking up books by Dorothy Eden after reading one of hers for the first time. I am definitely going to start my journey and will probably will start with The Ivy Tree after being given that as a suggestion in the quiz. thanks again

Mike Playdon said...

As almost all the posts are by ladies, I thought I should help even it up. I've just found The Crystal Cave in our bookcase and have devoured it. A further search, The Hollow Hills and I've just finished that. Now I've found The Last Enchantment. The bookcases are full of my wife's books, many listed in this blog but I never knew about MS's Merlin stories - I thought she was only a romantic novelist. And now you've told me there are 2 more Merlin books - search the bookcases first, then if no luck, Ebay.

As a typical breakneck man, when I started reading The CC, I thought that the intricate description got in the way of the story, but then I slowed down and imagined and visualised the most beautiful and realistic scenes she painted - some I just turned back the pages and reread again. But I'm not sure about her other titles - any thoughts?

Edie Ramer said...

I love your site. So beautiful and elegant, and the extras are wonderful. I was just talking to friends about Mary Stewart last week. I wanted to send one friend more information about her books, and found your site.

I love all of Mary Stewart's romantic suspense books, but my favorite is Touch Not the Cat.

Glenda Glayzer said...

I first read Airs Above the Ground while living in Europe in the 60s. My daughter has a white horse, and she told me of watching him shine in the meadow. I immediately remembered the scene in this book where Van first watched the Old Piebald, and I described the scene to her as best I could, crying all the while. Forty years have passed and that scene and the emotions attached to it still burn in my heart.
Thank you for having this website so that I could tell my little anecdote, reflecting my love and respect for the author.

Anonymous said...

I started reading Mary Stewart in the late 60's. Now I'm a Reference Librarian and plan to start in again since I can't remember what I've read and what I haven't. Is there any way I can search her characters? This is for a reference question.


wiccaqueen said...

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Anonymous said...

I am 68 years old have been reading Mary Stewart's romantic suspense novels for almost 50 years! I have read and re-read and read them again.
About 8 years ago I tried my hand at writing a romantic suspense novel myself and used her books as text book romantic suspense ( she and Helen McInnes are my favourites in this genre.) I finally published my novel as an e-book in August of this year and would like to acknowledge her as my muse and inspiration! I am so glad to have found this blog to see that she has such a strong fan base after all these years.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Mary Stewart fans can petition filmmakers to make Ms. Stewart's novels into films.

Carol Clifton said...

I love that you have this site. MS is the best. My older sister first got me reading her. I'm now in my sixties and am doing a diligent rereading of Madam. I'm looking forward to reading others.

Anonymous said...

I was so sad to hear Mary died on 9th May 2014, her books were wonderful and I've re-read all of them quite a few times over the years. I am sure she will be sadly missed.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to Fi Graham for posting
the Guardian piece telling of her passing.

Unknown said...

Today I read about Mary's death in the book section of theNewYork Times. So I'm spending my afternoon rereading "Madam. will You Talk" in her honor. This is the first retread in 45 or so years, and her writing & word truly stand the test of time.

Anonymous said...

Love your website and blog. I hope you don't mind that I put up a link to it on my own website, DianaBelchase.com as a place to find out more information about Mary Stewart. The post is reblogged on Kiss and Thrill (dot) com which is a website devoted to romantic suspense and mystery genres.

Thanks so much!
Diana Belchase

Anonymous said...

I found "My Brother Michael" in a box in my mother's garage and have just finished reading it. I really miss Camilla and Simon and wish there were sequels to their story. But, having found this great site, I can't wait to get hold of the rest of her books. Thank you! RIP Ms. Mary.

JuLee Reeves said...

Link to fabulous interview with Lady Stewart. She talks about the inspiration for Airs Above the Ground! I will miss her on this Earth but what a legacy she leaves. I reread her books all the time. She inspires me and comforts me and her books have been so important in my life. Geillis in Thornyhold could be me in my own life. http://youtu.be/CBm_kyaPh4I

JuLee Reeves said...

Ok - couldn't attach the link but go to You Tube and look for the interview with Lady Stewart in "Off the Page". Well worth it. Absolutely wonderful.

Anne said...

Hi there! I'm Anne, the UK editor at Hodder & Stoughton currently overseeing Mary Stewart's backlist, and I found this site while doing a bit of internet detective work. As 2016 marks the centenary of Mary Stewart's birth, Hodder is cooking up a few Mary Stewart projects, and I'd love to let you and your readers know more about them. I see that the last post here is from 2012, but hopefully you're still keeping an eye on the comments. If so, and you're interested in talking a bit with me about our 2016 plans, please do drop me a line at


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